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We are delighted to announce a first batch of International Tartans Facemasks. These facemasks have been individually handmade in Scotland from 100% wool with a cotton lining. Each tartan is officially registered with the Scottish Tartan Register.

Although not classified as PPE in accordance with WHO guidelines, science tells us that wearing them will stop the
spread of viruses. They should be hand-washed only, but never left soaking.

They are not disposable: they are masks for life. They may save your life, the lives of others, and help save the life of the planet.

Masks are priced at £15.00 each + p&p. The Sakura Olympic Special mask

is priced at £20.00 + p&p. To order click here or email David at info@internationaltartans.co.uk. Payment will be made via PayPal.

International Tartans Facemasks

Coming soon: Denmark, Daugherty, Ghana, Holland, Internationale Lanarkshire Midlothian, New Jersey, Nigeria, Norway, Queen of Scots, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, South Africa, St Andrew, Wimbledon. Arsenal, East Lothian, Finland, Florida, India, Mexico, Newcastle, Sweden and Zimbabwe.