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The JOHN MUIR  tartan was created in 1998 for the 150th anniversary of John Muir’s arrival in the United States and launched at a reception in the San Francisco Bay area City of Pleasanton in 2002, when Muir’s grandson accepted an inscribed tartan clock and a picture frame on behalf of the Muir family.

The colours in the John Muir Tartan were chosen to represent what Muir first saw, and invited us all to see, long before man walked on the moon: the fragile earth spinning silently through infinite space.”

The designer, David McGill, likes to refer to Muir as the “First Citizen of the Universe.” A postcard of the Tartan and an imaginary letter from Muir to his wife Louie were distributed at the photographic exhibition of the photographer Ken Paterson “In the Footsteps of John Muir” at Federal Hall in New York City in April 2013.