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CataloniaOn the 9th November the citizens of Catalonia will vote in their own independence referendum and Scotland will be there. Or at least some Scots will be there to cheer them on. Edinburgh businessman David Petherick will be driving a group of friends from Edinburgh to Barcelona in a car decked out in a very special livery – the flags of Catalonia and Scotland and……….a tartan for Catalonia!

David McGill of International Tartans has designed a special ‘Cataluña’ tartan for the occasion comprising traditional red and yellow with blue and white to represent the triangle and star of the Estelada and the Saltire of Scotland.

And who knows? These Scotsman might even be wearing Cataluña/ Catalunya tartan kilts when they arrive. Senoritas beware! Visca Catalunya libre!

Cataluña Tartan In the Spanish news: http://www.vilaweb.cat/noticia/4213833/20141007/caledonia-catalonia.html